Another ‘over-the-break’ meet. But for a few exceptions, a lackadaisical  affair. This week, the distance medley was the race we were after. But, after a ‘not too bad’ 3:24 1200 by Cam Christopher, the next two legs put us in a big hole. Not to be denied, anchor Ben Hoyer grabbed the stick and took… Read More

Shaky weather patterns,  along with excavation issues around the concession/rest room building,  threatened to put a damper on this always exciting  and competitive meet. The sky gods where at least   temporarily appeased,  the work crew performed their magic and the meet  went off without a hitch. We usually use this meet to post times in… Read More

The teams that coach all the events (pole vault, hurdles, triple jump, throws) are the teams that compete for the title. With the expertise of Coach Garis in jumps and hurdles and the Leisey Boys in the throws, we put forth the effort every year. So do Cheltenham and Upper Dublin, which is why it’s… Read More

For the last two years, with Cheltenham’s nationally-ranked 4×4 in our own backyard, we’ve been relegated to second place in our American Conference race. With their guys having moved on, and our squad much improved, it was ours to lose with only pesky Upper Dublin standing in our way. Starting in ‘waterfall’ style (no lanes,… Read More

The nice weather enabled us to post some decent performances at all levels. Obviously, Darien’s sprinting was a highlight (100 is #2 PA, 200 is #1 PA and #3 Wiss all-time), and first-teamers Lukas Marcelis (2nd 1600 4:34.98), Cam Christopher (1st 800 1:58.75 PR) and Elek Hohn (1st PV 12-0) did their jobs. Some of… Read More