And not much good. Things started looking shaky on Wed. when trying to set line-ups for the DMR and 4×8. A few potential participants had other plans for the weekend (?) which scrapped the DMR. A cobbled together 4×8, which already included a recovering Ben Hoyer, was abandoned when Nathan Leung called in sick late Friday night. We just ran out of bodies.

As for the meet, Liam Davies equaled his PR in the 60HH heats but missed the 12-man final by 1 place, and Ahmir had some early high 22′-plus jumps, leading all competitors (He did win the event in 22-10. That’s the good news) On his 4th attempt, he approached the board awkwardly and stumbled into the pit. I just thought “bad jump”. Turns out he pulled his hamstring. How bad, we don’t yet know. But, he’s definitely out for States. (and, of course, the 4×4 later – HUUUGE LOSS).

Rahsheed Wright needed 51.83 for States (season best 52.09). Though he looked better here, the watch said he was the exactly the same – 52.09, 11th place.

Using the conversion tool on Milesplit, Matt’s 3200 from Ocean Breeze makes States by 4 seconds (9:37 converts to 8:55 for 3000). But..PTFCA uses a method putting him at 8:59 – one second short! He had to do it here. Looking to average 35-36 per lap, he started looking a bit off by the fourth circuit. He never quite rallied, finishing in 9:10. Both Matt and Ben have been recovering from illness.

So, with Ahmir out of the 4×4, (running out of bodies again!), we had to pull spectator Ben Hoyer out of the stands to fill in. Things got started OK with Robert Wilson equaling his 53.4 lead-off PR. Things were, shall we say, less than special the rest of the way. Rahsheed 53.0 (slow first lap), Brendan Cantos 56.3 (2 seconds off last weeks run) and Ben’s 59.1 (ouch).

We wait until 7:00 PM Sunday to see if Matt’s 3000 qualifies. Other than that, its a lonely 4×4 making the trip to PSU.




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