The nice weather enabled us to post some decent performances at all levels. Obviously, Darien’s sprinting was a highlight (100 is #2 PA, 200 is #1 PA and #3 Wiss all-time), and first-teamers Lukas Marcelis (2nd 1600 4:34.98), Cam Christopher (1st 800 1:58.75 PR) and Elek Hohn (1st PV 12-0) did their jobs. Some of… Read More

Cold, windy conditions (again) hampered performances and an under-manned UM squad did little for the ‘let’s get psyched’ attitude. On the upside, about 40 kids experienced their first track meet (ever!), as we have 48 freshmen and sophomores on the squad. We just hoped to get some experience, get a good work-out and not get… Read More