Christmas and Easter breaks are a challenge during their prospective seasons, and this was no different. For our first big indoor invitational, nine ‘starters’ were missing from the line up for reasons ranging from illness, family vacations, missing paperwork, or suspension and/or discipline.  This gave opportunities to others. PR’s were more common than placings, no… Read More

    Coming off his 50-9 PR toss from last week, Yondell Dudley wasted no time proving it was for real. We looked at the 51-0 state qualifier as a possibility, but no one saw it coming this early. His 51-7.5 (#10 on the Wissahickon all-time OUTDOOR list) marks his second win in as many… Read More

  With temps outside more suited to spring track, we headed up 309 to kick off the winter season. Since it’s usually one entry per event, each week we have to decide what to attempt to qualify for post-season. The sprinters opted for the 4×2, the distance guys went individual, and the field guys went… Read More