Since 1965, this meet has been the culmination of the indoor season for Delaware Valley schools. Back in the day, indoors was the only chance the PIAA had to show their stuff vs. the Public League, Catholic League and the Privates. Even with the merger, we won’t see these guys again until outdoor States, as… Read More

The way this indoor season’s been going, the ‘Last Chance’ was starting to look like the last chance. Various and sundry injuries, as well as hi-jinks and shenanigans, have prevented us from reaching many of our pre-season goals. Those that have been sleeping on Wissahickon woke up Friday night. There were many notable performances but… Read More

Missing Persons Report: Darien Williams – hip, Shamere Dunswell – back, Ethan Dolberry-Wescott – college visit, Andy Harman – robotics, Ben Hoyer – family matters. Potential missing: Ahmir Johnson bruised his heel during the TJ, but should be back for MOC on 2/21. With three of the four 4×2 legs missing, obviously THAT wasn’t going to… Read More

We finally get a 4×200 hitting the State Qualifying Standard (SQS)! The competition wasn’t great (we won by 4.64 seconds) but the important thing was hitting the time of 1:35.17. Shamere Dunswell (23.6) brought in a nice lead for Darien Williams and a great hand-off sent him on his way. Darien’s 22.6 was the fastest… Read More