We finally get a 4×200 hitting the State Qualifying Standard (SQS)! The competition wasn’t great (we won by 4.64 seconds) but the important thing was hitting the time of 1:35.17. Shamere Dunswell (23.6) brought in a nice lead for Darien Williams and a great hand-off sent him on his way. Darien’s 22.6 was the fastest of the meet as the lead kept getting bigger. Rasheed Wright (23.9) and Ethan Dolberry-Wescott (23.8) finished it off. 1:34.18 converts to a banked-track time of 1:32.58 putting us #6 PA at this point.

Ben Hoyer continues to be a PR machine. His DMR teammates (Lukas Marselis, Matt Selverian, and Cam Christopher) put him in 2nd place at the final hand off against some pretty good milers. Sticking to his splits through the first few laps let the others into the race as Ben gamely tried to hold on. Fourth place was probably not where he wanted to finish, but you can’t complain about a 9 sec personal best of 4:44.5!

Other highlights included first places by Amir Johnson TJ 42-4.5, and Yondell Dudley shot 50-0.5

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