Following some fast wind-aided times from earlier in the week, maybe we could run a fast 4×1. With limited early-season exchange practice (ALWAYS a challenge, as bad passes cost us an indoor state 4×2 title), we tried it here. Sticks looked great from the stands, and the watch said 42-point (I knew I could not have been very far off the auto-time). The announced time was garbled, so down to the timing tent I go. 42.51 ranks #5 on the school all-time list, and #1 in the state at the end of the day. The three guys up front (Rahsheed Wright, Darien Williams, Ethan Dolberry-Wescott) have all looked much improved in technique as well as size and strength from last season. Replacing our lead-off guy from indoors, (who decided it was better to get a job than be on a state-caliber track team) was easier than expected. Replacement Sam Kane (11.0w vs Cheltenham) hung tough down the stretch holding off Imotep Charter’s anchor at the wire.

Elsewhere on the track, the hurdlers showed decent early-season form taking the Shuttle Hurdle event (Dol-Wes 15.7). The Sprint Medley team were also winners. Handed  a monster lead by the sprinters (Williams 22.2, Dol-Wes 21.7PR, Wright 49.9PR), Cam Christopher (2:02.6) cruised his 800 uncontested.

The field guys got into the act by racking up four wins. Shot (Dudley 48-6, Cooper 37-7.5), Disc (Dudley 127-5, Haire 107-10), Long Jump (Baldwin 20-3, Ahmir Johnson 19-8) and Triple Jump (Ahmir Johnson 42-8, Marlyn Johnson 39-5PR). RESULTS HERE



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