Cold, windy conditions (again) hampered performances and an under-manned UM squad did little for the ‘let’s get psyched’ attitude. On the upside, about 40 kids experienced their first track meet (ever!), as we have 48 freshmen and sophomores on the squad. We just hoped to get some experience, get a good work-out and not get hurt.

100M    Rahsheed Wright (W) 11.3, Ethan Dolberry-Wescott (W) 11.4, Sam Kane (W) 11.7
200M    Rahsheed Wright (W) 23.1, Ethan Dolberry-Wescott 23.5, Max Davies (W) 24.5
400M    Darien Williams (W) 52.8, Cullen Vance (W) 55.5, Ciaron Mullin (UM) 56.1
800M    Conner Herst (UM) 2:11.2, Ben Hoyer (W) 2:11.8, Josh Zales (W) 2:19.1
1600M    Lukas Marcelis (W) 4:40.6, Andy Harman (W) 4:48.5, Shane Cole (UM) 4:55.6
3200M    Nathan Leung (W) 11:25.3, Sam Klugarz (W) 11:32.2, Luke Bowerman (W) 11:45.3
110HH    Marlyn Johnson (W) 17.8, Scott Murphy (UM) 17.9, Ahmir Johnson (W) 20.3
300IH    Scott Murphy (UM) 43.2, Marlyn Johnson (W) 43.3, Stone Pannepacker (UM) 56.1
4×100    W 45.8 (Darnell Watson, Andre Jones, Sam Kane, Antaun Lloyd) UM 47.6
4×400    W 3:49.8 (Darnell Watson, Darien Williams, Antaun Lloyd, Rahsheed Wright) UM 4:13.5
4×800    W 9:21.7 (Randy Schwemmer, Josh Zales, Brandon Cantos, Ben Hoyer) UM 10:43.5
Long Jump    Daryl Baldwin (W) 20-2, Sterling Barr (UM) 19-0.75, Ahmir Johnson (W) 18-7
High Jump    Darryl Baldwin (W) 5-6, Mike Howard (W) 5-6, Ahmir Johnson (W) 5-4
Triple Jump    Amir Johnson (W) 39-2, Markas Parker (UM) 36-7, Seth Compas (W) 34-10
Pole Vault    Elek Hohn (W) 11-6, Jon Pogorzelski (W) 10-6, Wil Fadel (W) 10-0
Shot Put    Yondel Dudley (W) 51-1, Justin Cooper (W) 39-3.75, Bryan Haire (W) 38-7
Discus        Yondell Dudley (W) 134-1, Jacob Kang (W) 116-1, Bryan Haire (W) 112-10
Javelin        Tom Watson (W) 124-4, James Park (W) 121-1, Trevor Patterson (W) 121-1

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