The meet with our cross-town rivals marked the first of four duals that will take strategizing, as well as performance, to be successful. UD, Hatboro, Cheltenham and Quakertown each present their own set of challenges. Once again missing key people….this time to the 3-day State FBLA convention (a 53.5 400, a 4:35 mile, a 2:05 4×8 leg), some lingering injuries (a 2:08, and of course, Ahmir Johnson-hurdles and jumps), and a family matter (16.2 HH, 20-0 LJ, 40-0 TJ) which effected our flexibility. Luckley, turns out we didn’t need them this time.

With UD providing FAT (fully automatic timing), Rahsheed and Shamere  took advantage of the tailwind down the homestretch to hit 10.99 and 11.06 respectively (DQS 11.24). Some of our less experienced got in the mix as sophs Terrell Gordon (18-11 LJ) seems to be getting his steps, and Carmen Ostroski navigated his first full flight of hurdles. The vault crew got a sweep and the distance combo of Maiale and Hoyer went 1-2 for 1600/3200.

100M Rasheed Wright (W) 10.99, Shamere Dunswell (W) 11.06, Mike Henning (UD) 11.29

200M Rahsheed Wright (W) 23.41, Mike Henning (UD) 24.04, Andy Young (UD) 24.91

400M Mike Henning (UD) 53.02, Robert Wilson (W) 53.60, Justin Doh (UD) 56.47

800M Justin Ryan (W) 2:11.61, Jeff Shepard (UD) 2:12.91, WIll Mead (UD) 2:17.26

1600M Ben Hoyer (W) 4:45.94, Matt Maiale (W) 4:46.04, Ben Brugger (UD) 4:55.20

3200M Matt Maiale 10:22.20(W) , Ben Hoyer (W) 10:27.85, Sam Griffen (UD) 10:32.85

110H Liam Davies (W) 16.55, Serahia Kutai (UD) 18.46, Carman Ostroski (W) 18.96

300H Liam Davies (W) 43.54, Will Mead (UD) 45.51, Carman Ostroski (W) 45.65

4×1 W 45.55 (Shamere Dunswell, Rahsheed Wright, Matt Flancer, Andre Jones) UD 48.79

4×4 UD 3:39.12 ( Dan Ness, Justin Doh, Josh Skinner, Mike Henning)                                                                                W 3:40.35 (Ostroski 54.2, Jones 56.6, Wilson 52.8, Flancer 55.2)

4×8 UD 8:43.0 ( Sheppard, Alderwish, Griffen, Josh Skinner)                                                                                                W 8:46.22 (Quinn 2:10.2 PR, Cimini 2:12.5 PR, Chaiken 2:16.0 PRPR, Ryan 2:06.5)

Long J Mike Seminora (UD) 19-2, Terrell Gordon (W) 18-11, Mark Betterly (UD) 18-8

High J Ahmir Johnson (W) 6-2, Brian Kamir (UD) 6-0, Corby Watkins (UD) 5-10

Triple J Carman Ostrosky (W) 38-5, Jordan Price (UD) 38-3.5, Seraiah Kutai (UD) 35-1

Pole V Nick Prieston (W) 10-6, Noah Kilshaw (W) 10-6, Kevin Joo (W) 10-6

Shot P Raejon Benjamin (W) 38-7, Marco Rivera (W) 37-3, Aman Orlena (UD) 35.55

Discus AJ Bailey (UD) 109-0, Marco Rivera (W) 108-8, Raejon Benjamin (W) 94-5

Javelin Jin Kim (UD) 141-0, Max Salvadore (W) 128-6, Aman Orlena (UD) 101-3

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