With spring break depleting both squads (they brought 12, we were missing 50+), it was a chance to see where we need work. And boy, do we need work. Bright spots included the 1600 meters which saw Matt Maiale and Ben Hoyer pace nice early season times of 4:33.7 and 4:34.8. Rahsheed Wright rode the ‘Trojan Tailwind’ to 10.6/51.2 and Liam Davies PR’d over the Intermediates in 42.2.

Missing were Ahmir Johnson (still recovering from injury), Nathan Leung, Brendan Cantos, Shamere Dunswell, Bryce Miles, Ahmed Shamsi, Marco Rivera among others.

Wissahickon 143 – Springfield 4 3/27/2018 46 degrees
100M Rahsheed Wright (W) 10.6, S. Burrell (S) 11.2, R. Jackson (S) 11.3
200M Rahsheed Wright (W) 23.1, S. Burrell (S) 24.0, Robert Wilson (W) 24.3
400M Rahsheed Wright (W) 51.6, S. Burrell (S) 52.4, Robert Wilson (W) 53.1
800M Justin Ryan (W) 2:13.3, Matt Maiale (W) 2:18.3, Jack Quinn (W) 2:20.1
1600M Matt Maiale (W) 4:33.7, Ben Hoyer (W) 4:34.8, E. Hincape (S) 5:38.3
3200M Sam Klugherz (W) 10:38.8, Ben Hoyer (W) 10:44.9, Solomon Thistle (W) 10:50.7
110H Liam Davies (W) 16.0, Christian McCarry (W) 16.6
300H Liam Davies (W) 42.2, Josh Tillman (W)52.3, Jake Tillman (W) 56.6
4×100 Not Contested
4×400 W 4:04.6 (Terrell Gordon 58.6, Tyler Greco 62.4, Mark Futch 61.5, Damyron Harvey 62.2) S no team
4×800 W 9:04.4 (Jack Quinn, Solomon Thistle, Max Klugherz, Caymus Ruffner) S no team
Long J Christian McCarry (W) 19-0, Sam Ladipo (W) 16-5.75, Terrell Gordon (W) 15-8
High J Mark Futch (W) 4-8
Triple J Christian McCarry (W) 39-0, Carmen Ostroski (W) 35-11, no third
Pole V Nick Prieston (W) 10-6, Adam Pieroni (W) 8-6, Kevin Joo (W) 8-0
Shot Raijon Benjamin (W) 33-8, Ma Salvadore (W) 32-6, Nick Santo (W) 27-5
Discus Max Salvadore (W) 98-11, Raijon Benjamin (W) 93-10, Nick Santo (W) 78-0
Javelin Max Salvadore (W) 137-3, Nick Santo (W) 95-3, Nick Corrello (W) 68-7

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