After a Friday and Saturday summer, right back into winter. When the meet is important, the tough suck it up. I just hoped we’d be tough enough. We were, as usual, missing key personnel with our best jav thrower on a robotics trip, and Carmen Ostroski (41′ TJ, 5’10” HJ, 51.8 split) under the weather.  But so were they. Their top jumper (21′, 42′, 6′) tweaked his back early in the long jump taking him out of the competition, and their best all-around guy (39.5 IH, 49.5 400) was being cautionary with a tight hammy.  Even with our win here, add in their missing guys and they will be formidable in the big meet.

Nathan Leung, coming off a series of field trips (FBLA and a trip to DC), pitched in with wins at 1600 and 3200, Shamere Dunswell took both dashes and Liam Davies took both hurdles. Props to the vaulters who once again went 1-2-3 in horrible conditions. Extra Special Props to Christian McCarry who, after tweaking HIS back in the long jump (hard-packed, wet sand in the pit was a big problem), continued on to take second in the high jump, PR over the 110HH, and win the triple jump. With four events, he spent most of the cold, wet day with his warm-ups off. (Note: HH hurt themselves by dropping the baton in the 4×1 for the second straight week.)

100M Shamere Dunswell (W) 10.8, Rahsheed Wright (W) 11.2, Paul Isabella (HH) 11.4
200M Shamere Dunswell W 23.2, Rahsheed Wright (W) 23.2, Calab Ryu (HH) 23.9
400M Rahsheed Wright (W) 53.3, Robert Wilson (W) 54.8, Josh Ryu (HH) 55.5
800M Brian Pisch (HH) 2:10.0, Justin Ryan (W) 2:11.3, Aiden Bruno (W) 2:14.6
1600M Nathan Leung (W) 4:55.2, Matt Maiale (W) 4:55.2, Devon Comber (HH) 4:56.1
3200M Nathan Leung (W) 10:30.6, Stephano Isabella (HH) 10:37.5, Dylan Hontz (HH) 10:42.2
110H Liam Davies (W) 15.7, Christian McCarry (W) 15.9, Asad Balil (HH) 16.6
300H Liam Davies (W) 43.9, Asad Balil (HH) 44.4, Jake Miller (HH) 44.5
4×100 W 47.7 (Shamere Dunswell, Andre Jones, Matt Flancer, Terrell Gordon) HH – DNF(Dropped Baton)
4×400 W 3:43.3 (Matt Flancer, Robert Wilson, Brendan Cantos, Rahsheed Wright) HH 4:05.7
4×800 HH 8:37.3 (Brian Pisch, ?, ?, Calab Ryu) HH 9:00.98
Long J Christian McCarry (W) 18-4.5, Sam Ladipo (W) 18-0, Kasey Savage (HH) 17-9
High J Ahmir Johnson (W) 5-6, Christian McCarry (W) 5-4, Sam Ladipo (W) 5-2
Triple J Christian McCarry W 37-2, Ahmir Johnson 37-3, Jake Deyo (HH) 35-6
Pole V Noah Kilshaw (W) 11-0, Kevin Joo W 10-6, Nick Prieston (W) 10-6
Shot Put Dave Lorek (HH) 38-4.5, Jake Collazo (HH) 36-8.25, Raejon Benjamin (W) 36-3.5
Discus Marco Rivera W 115-1, Reajon Benjamin (W) 100-11, Dave Lorek (HH) 91-0
Javelin Kyle Rodriguez HH 130-0, Jon LaSalle 116-6, Liam Kirwin (HH) 114-1

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