Another awesome weather day! 42 degrees and misty rain! (36 and snow for this coming Saturday! Yay!)

First meet back after break, along with the conditions, resulted in another ho-hum day performance-wise. Shamere Dunswell’s 100M along with Christian McCarry’s 110HH were really the only bright spots as they were close to their PRs. Everyone else just ran/jumped/threw to win and get out of the weather. Matt Maiale’s solo 3200 ‘training run’ was notable, as were the pole vaulters even clearing a height in the rain and cold.

100M    Shamere Dunswell (W) 10.9, Jordan Mongan (PW) 11.4, Justin Calhoun (PW) 11.6
200M    Shamere Dunswell (W) 23.4, Justin Calhoun (PW) 24.0, Matt Flancer (W) 24.8
400M    Brendan Cantos (W) 57.6, Jake Slackman (W) 59.1, Mark Futch (W) 59.5
800M    Justin Ryan (W) 2:10.2, Bryce Miles (W) 2:10.9, Tristan Jones (PW) 2:11.9
1600M    Ben Hoyer (W) 4:42.1, Brendan Duff (PW) 4:48.5, Solomon Thistle (W) 4:57.0
3200M    Matt Maiale (W) 9:58.6, Nathan Leung (W) 10:33.2, Aiden Marcelis (W) 10:52.1
110H    Liam Davies (W) 16.3, Christian McCarry (W) 16.4, Jacob Milke (PW) 19.9
300H    Liam Davies (W) 43.7, Derrick Nam (PW) 44.6, Carmen Ostroski (W) 45.6
4×1    W 46.4 (Shamere Dunswell, Robert Wilson, Matt Flancer, Terrell Gordon) PW 54.6
4×4    W 3:45.3 (Carmen Ostroski, Ben Hoyer, Rahsheed Wright, Brendan Cantos) PW 3:52.6
4×8    W 9:08.1(Rahsheed Wright, Justin Ryan, Bryce Miles, Nathan Leung) PW 9:46.2
Long  J    Jamir Hartley (PW) 17-6, Christian McCarry (W) 17-2, Sam Ladipo (W) 16-6
High J   Liam Kessler (PW) 5-4, Robert McNight (W) 5-0, Sam Ladipo (W) 4-8
Triple J     Not Contested – weather
Pole V    Kevin Joo (W) 10-0, Nick Prieston (W) 10-0, Noah Kilshaw (W) 10-0
Shot    Marco Rivera (W) 38-1, Raejon Benjamin (PW) 34-8, Ryan Tharan (PW) 32-1
Disc    Raejon Benjamin (W) 102-0, Max Salvadore (W) 94-8, Jordan Green (PW) 94-6
Javelin  Ryan Tharan (PW) 131-1, Max Salvadore (W) 127-2, Marco Rivera (W) 99-7


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