We took no chances this time. Last year, in an attempt to ‘see some things’ from a few of the guys, our weakened line-up caused the first loss to Upper Dublin in 22 years. I learned my lesson. 

Another huge day from Isaiah, an incredible work load from Grayson Ruffner, an emergency 400 leg by Brandon Haines and our LJ/TJ guys PR-ing all over the place resulted in a comfortable win.

Capped it all off with a 3:25.01 4×4 district time (Ruffner 52.5, Bethea 49.5, Haines 53.5, Marc 49.1)

On the PW side, props have to go to one of theirs. Regent Walden anchored their losing 4×8 in 1:57, posted 50.77 behind Isaiah at 400 and chased after us anchoring their 4×4 in 50.0.

Isaiah Marc – 11.07, 21.67, 49.26, split 49.1

Grayson Ruffner – 2:01.5 split, right back to secure a 3rd at 1600, 52.5 lead-off 4×4

Chase Bethea – 41.13 300H, 4×1 leg, 22.92 PR, 49.5 4×4 split

Branden Haines – 2:07 4×8, 2:07 800 win, 53.5PR 4×4 fill-in 


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