Bethlehem, Pa. – Christmas Eve Eve always proves to be challenging line-up wise. With some heading off to “Aunt Sadie’s” (Coach Gallagher’s euphemism for visiting family) coupled with being forced to using a school van whittled our squad down to 8 athletes. 

Isaiah Marc continued his indoor success with a PR 60 dash of 7.08 in the pre-lims. That’s a state qualifier and just shy of the school record of 7.04 (Tyreece Clayton). 7.14 in finals got him 3rd over-all, 1st in Division II. 

We put together an exploratory 4×2 to get an idea who our starters will be down the road. Props to these guys (Jaylen Foster, Chase Bethea, Dave Yang and Mike Sun) as they showed what great (and I mean GREAT) hand-offs can do. We shot by teams at each exchange, finding ourselves with at least 10 meter lead at anchor. We didn’t expect to win (we didn’t) but it was fun to watch!  TEAM RESULTS HERE



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