Before the season started we were faced with the uncertainty of potential shut-downs  and/or cancellations of the big invitationals, the powers that be decided to maintain a Suburban One League (SOL) ‘bubble’ on weekends. These 8 team revolving meets are designed to give the kids competition without going too far from home. 

We hosted week one on Saturday (there were two other SOLs elsewhere). 

We got lucky weather-wise with cool, calm conditions and I’ll tell you, what we lack in quality marks (save for Isaiah) we make up for with great kids with good attitudes and work ethic. 

On the sprint side, Isaiah Marc came back to earth from his windy 10.95 (on 4/6) to win the 100 in 11.33 but his 200 of 22.77 is probably better than the 22.71 he ran with a hurricane at his back that same day. He capped the meet by chasing down Bensalem’s anchor for the 4×4 win splitting 50.2. Props to the three guys up front (Carr, Aten, Ruffner) who all ran PRs putting him in striking range. 

On the distance side, 9th grader Grayson Ruffner continues to find his range. Last three meets, his times are dropping faster than (insert favorite analogy here).  Following his first sub-5 mile last week (4:57.4) with tons left in the tank, why not try a sub 4:50 pace and see what happens? An even-split 4:48.24 was the result, pulling Alex Schultz (4:50.12) and Brandan Haines (5:04.50 PR) along in the process. His other PR came on the 3rd leg of the 4×4 as his 54.5 brought us from 4th to 2nd.

Team results below, full meet results HERE

SOL #1 @ Wissahickon 4/10/2021

300IH             Josh Tillman 5th 44.41, Jake Tillman 6th 44.77

4×8                 10:03.58 5th

100M             Marc 1st  11.33, Thomas 6th 12.06, Reilly 9th  12.12

1600M          Ruffner 3rd 4:48.24 PR, Schultz 4th 4:50.12, Haines 5:04.50 PR

400M             Carr 2nd 54.17 PR, Aten  4th 56.25 PR, Trainer 59.73 PR

110HH           Josh Tillman 4th 18.08, Jake Tillman DNF

800M             Werner 12th 2:32.43, Dallal 13th  2:36.33

200M             Marc 1st 22.77, Reilly 7th  24.23 PR, Foster 9th 24.75 PR

3200M          Winkowski 2nd 10:52.10 PR, DiGiovanni  3rd 11:20.75

4×4                 1st 3:33.97 (Carr 54.3, Aten 54.8 PR, Ruffner 54.5 PR, Marc 50.2 PR)

                       7th 4:10.11 (Reilly 56.5 PR, Davis 62.4 PR, Margolis, Ethan Werner 65.4 PR)

Long Jump    Shah 8th 16-9, Ross 10th 16-7.5, Ellington 16-2

High Jump    Ross 6th  5-0

Triple Jump  Ellington 6th 35-7.5, Thomas 7th 35-5, Shah  9th 34-2

Pole Vault     Lee 1st 10-0, Kilshaw 2nd 9-0, Joyce 3rd 8-6

Shot Put        Perkins 9th 32-8.75, Garvey 25-9.25, Spiznagel 16-0.25

Discus            Perkins 9th 88-3, Carrillo 12th 75-5, Radell 17th 56-4

Javelin           Perkins 3rd 118-6, Carrello 14th 83-9, Radell 15th 83-8

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