Another meet, another day with less than ideal conditions with temps in the 40’s and lots of wind. (And they’re calling for heavy thunderstorms for our meet with UD on Tuesday! Gonna be one of those springs…..). This meet is not that well attended with teams opting for bigger and better competition elsewhere but it gives us an opportunity to see what we have early in the season without having to travel to East Ja-Pip. (Everyone knows the Fighting Groundhogs of East Ja-Pip!)

Year after year, we seem to be one of the only teams to be able to put 4 hurdlers on the track at the same time (thanks, Coach Garis!). By the time lead-off Liam Davies got to his 3rd barrier it was pretty much over. The highlight was freshman Christian McCarry getting three steps all the way. Christian also contributed an 18-0 LJ and a 37-10.5 TJ PR on the day.

The 4×1 looked real rusty but the other teams were rustier, and the first three legs of the 4×8 somehow managed to give PW about a 50 meter lead for Cam to make up. His 1:58.7 fell just short, but I great effort by him.

4×100 44.42   1st place (D.Watson, M. Davies, Kane, Wright)

4×200 1:39.68  5th place (Newman 25.0, Coffey 24.1, Flancer 24.9, L Davies 25.4)

4×400 3:33.61  1st place (M Davies 52.6, Christopher 53.0, Kane 52.7, Wright 55.1) We were so far ahead by the anchor, ‘Sheed jogged it in.

4×800  8:30.68 2nd place  (Ryan 2:09.3, Hoyer 2:11.3, Leung 2:11.4, Christopher 1:58.7)

SMR  3:52.37  1st place  (Papazian 23.9, Jones 24.9, D.Watson 54.0, Miles 2:09.9)

DMR  11:44.64  2nd place (Chaiken 3:46.9, Newman 56.8, Shamsi 2:10.6PR, Maiale 4:50.5)

Shuttle Hurdles  1:06.07  1st place (L Davies 16.2, A. Johnson 16.4, McCarry 18.4, M. Johnson 15.4PR)

LJ   Baldwin 18-5.75, McCarry 18-0

HJ  A. Johnson 5-8, Baldwin 5-6

TJ  A. Johnson 43-4, McCarry 37-10.5

PV  Preisten 9-6, Joo 9-0

Shot  Cooper 44-3, Rivera 37-1

Disc  Rivera 107-3, Cooper 97-2

Jav  T. Watson 137-3, Cooper 128-7PR

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