Rather than go to a ‘limited entry’ meet this weekend, we decided to run through a simulated dual meet schedule which would help the inexperienced as well as serve as time trials for all. (The weather – sun then wind then rain/hail – rinse and repeat!)

Based off his mid-52 400 from indoors and his willingness to do just about anything, Chase Bethea was a great candidate for the 300 hurdles. He attacked from the gun and even with a stumble over the next-to- last barrier, crossed the line with a hand timed 40.0. Looking at state-wide results, it’s the fastest by far in PA. He followed that up with a 51.5 relay carry and a 22.9 200. All three PRs.

Isaiah Marc cruised with 10.9, 22.5, 51.7 training runs, freshmen distance guys had lots of PRs from indoors, upper classmen eased to close to PRs with little effort, Aditya Shah shaved almost 2 seconds off last year’s best 110 hurdles with 16.7.

Field events are sorely lacking with lots of injuries. Only one of four high jumpers competed, horizontal jumps saw shaking of heads and the throws need lots of improvement. 

We finished the day with EIGHT(!) 4×4 teams taking to the track for some enthusiastic match-ups. Distance guys started trash-talking before the race which contributed to their demise…..

Another highlight from a coach’s standpoint was the huge team stretch in the infield after the meet called by the captains. Good to see.


100 – Marc 10.9, Aten 11.9

200 – Marc 22.5, Bethea 22.9

400 – Marc 51.4

800 – Ruffner 2:06.8, Haines 2:07.3 

1600 – Tatko 5:00.8, Winkowski 5:03.8

3200 – 10:39.6 Schultz

110H – Shah 16.7 PR

300H – Bethea 40.0


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