Bethlehem 12/29 – For the third meet in a row, we go in with a limited squad. I could just cut and paste “missing people due to holidays and stuff’. Can’t wait to get back to a regular schedule! For those who competed, medals galore.

Aditya Shah kicked things off with his first attempt at 60HH. His time of 9.96 was nothing special but he looked smooth throughout. Need to find a few more hurdlers by spring. His triple jump of 39-0.25 though no PR was good enough for third place.

Isaiah Marc had a good day. Winning the 60 in 7.14 and contributing legs on the 4×2 (23.89) and 4×4 (52.45)

About those relays. Our 4×2 hand-offs have been great so far and continued the trend here but some traffic problems prevented us from running faster.  (Foster 23.94 PR, Marc 23.88, Bethea 23.95, Aten 24.49) 1:36.27 2nd place.

Our 4×4 finally took to the track for the first time this season. Still unsure of the personnel going forward, this was a ‘let’s see’ race. (Bethea 54.26, Aten 55.85, Marc 52.45, Jouhal 57.88) 3:40.45 2nd place, MOC. Gotta give props to our anchorman Kam Jouhal. Not our quickest guy, the three up front staked him with a 20 yd. lead and he knew the field would be coming. Taking it out just a tad over-zealous, he held on until the final 10 yards. He felt bad about losing the lead for his teammates who knew he was in a tough position but it was still all smiles at the end. Second place at this meet is an auto-qualifier for the Meet of Champs. FULL MEET RESULTS HERE


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