Staten Island, NYC – 5:45 bus, 1 1/2 hour ride seems like a lot for a Saturday track meet but when you walk into this building, you know why we make the effort. This meet brings out the best in our distance runners and lets the kids compete on a track that they may otherwise never get to experience.

You could re-name this meet The Festival of Miles as 613 kids were entered across three classifications  lasting from 12:55 PM until 5:15 PM.

Races in all events were set up for clerking purposes like so:                                                                         Varsity, Sophomore, Freshman, each with three divisions: Red (fastest) Blue (middle), White (slowest). With a meet of this magnitude, if they called the Freshman Mile (for ex.) all at once, it would have been a mob scene.  They must be doing something right as the meet ran 1/2 hour ahead of schedule!

We had four guys PR (Zac Dallal 4:38.29, Alex Schultz 4:50.43, Caymus Ruffner 4:55.71 and Doug Hoyer 5:11.29), three guys win their heats (Dallal, Schultz, Hoyer), and two guys medal (Dallal 3rd fastest over-all soph, Schultz 6th fastest over-all freshman). And for bonus entertainment, we saw Hoyer win the ‘Freshman White’ sub-division!

We took some sprinters along to give them the opportunity to get on the banked track. Several PR’s resulted: Robert Wilson 24.12, Brett Lehman 24.62, Danial Yang 25.85.

Christian McCarry went 8.22 over the 55M hurdles, equaling his PR but managing only 25th in the prelims. (A testament to the level of competition.)

55 Dash                                                                                                                                                            Lehman 7.14, Wilson 7.19, Yang 7.57

200M                                                                                                                                                                WIlson 24.12, Lehman 24.62, Yang 25.85, Pieroni 25.92, Tillman 26.62, Reilly 27.25, Clementi 28.45, Ellington 29.00, Steigelmann 29.13

800M                                                                                                                                                                Grossberg 2:17.13, Quinn 2:17.89, Cahill 2:24.81

Mile                                                                                                                                                                  Dallal 4:38.29, Schwartz 4:50.43, Ruffner 4:55.71, Chaiken 5:00.37, Cimini 5:03.68, Hoyer 5:11.29, Possoff 5:59.68, Wolf 6:14.01, Cooper 6:31.32, Abrahams 6:58.48

55HH                                                                                                                                                                McCarry 8.22

Triple Jump                                                                                                                                                       McCarry xxx

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