When the meet looks like it’s going to be a close one (and it usually is), I track the score by taking the list of entries in each event and scoring it as if that’s how they would finish. This gives me an idea as to whether we’re ahead or behind at any particular time in the meet. This year, based on the entry lists, we win by 46 points if things shake out like planned.

For those who don’t know how a meet is scored, you score as many places as lanes on the track. In this case, 8. It goes like this: 10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Depth is so important.  In a big meet, you can outscore the winner by placing a few people behind him. As a matter of fact, you can win EVERY EVENT, but if that’s all you do, YOU PROBABLY WILL NOT WIN THE MEET!

110H trials – 2 heats, top 2 in each heat and the next 4 fastest times move to final.

The season began with 3 legit hurdlers. With #1 seed Ahmir Johnson protecting a hamstring, and our #2 no longer with us, we go with our #3 Liam Davies and freshman Christian McCarry. Both advanced into the final with PRs –  Liam 15.98 (2nd fastest qualifier) and Chris 17.19 (5th fastest). If they finish in that order, we score 12 points. (predicted 10).

100M trials – 3 heats, top 2 and the next fastest 2 times into final.

Predicted:13 pts. (Dunswell 3rd – 6pts, Lloyd 5th – 4pts, Kane 6th – 3pts and Watson 14th).

A stiff headwind prevented good times but place is more important here. Shamere (11.47) and Sam (11.41) made it through, Antaun (11.78) and Darnell (11.81) did not.

4×8 – Final

Predicted: Q-town 1st 10pts, Wiss 2nd 8pts

We lost to the 4×8 to Quakertown in the dual meet when our three guys up front put Cam behind at the anchor. With their kid able to go 1:53, that can’t happen. We made a bold move and asked 400/200 guy Max Davies (51.5 400 PR) to lead off. He ran a couple of 8s during the season just to get a taste, and being able to run in a group would give him a better sense of pace. He did a great job leading the whole way while staying under control pace-wise and fought the group off down the stretch, his PR 2:04.5 giving Justin Ryan a slight lead. Justin ran a season best 2:04.7 but couldn’t hold off the crowd and handed off in third place. Ben Hoyer went right at the leaders as he came through in a quick 58.0 and just kept going (2:03.8) staking Cam Christopher with a ten meter lead. After telling Cam to run his own race, that plan went right out the window as Cam took off like a madman coming through the 200 in 25. Q-town’s kid was even more aggressive (foolish?) and blew right by him splitting 24. The 400 saw Q-town at a suicidal 51.5 and Cam at 52.5. Both runners totally fell apart down the stretch but the lead Q-town had built up over the 2nd 200 stayed there.  Cam’s 1:58.4 still managed to get us under the district qualifying time with our 8:11.96. After the dust settled, status quo points-wise. Result: 2nd place – 8pts, Q-town 1st place 10pts  (=)

Long Jump – Final

Predicted 2nd – 8pts, 7th – 2 pts. 10pts

The usual Johnson / Kaufman battle was on again with Brian K. winning by a scant 1/4 inch (allegedly) 22-7.5 to 22-7.25 as per the pre-meet prediction. We lost some ground as freshman Christian McCarry who’s gone 19-2 could only manage 17-5 here and failed to make the final.                                                                                Result: 2nd place – 8pts, Q-town 3rd, 5th, 8th – 11pts

High Jump – Final

Predicted: 5th place 4 pts.

Since we’ve been protecting Ahmir Johnson’s hamstring by not hurdling, his high jump has suddenly gone up over the 6 foot mark at practice last week. It continued here as he cleared 6-2 to take second pushing Q-town back to third and their other guy down to eighth.                                                                                                             Result: 2nd place – 8pts, Q-town 3rd, 8th 7pts (+5)

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