Three weeks ago, Ahmir Johnson looked like he may be out for the season. Two weeks ago he was side-lined at Trojan although he felt better. One week ago, he hit a 6-2 PR in the high jump at leagues, only took one Triple jump attempt and we kept him out of the hurdles to be safe. Four days ago, (against the coaches advisement), he wanted to go for all four events he qualified for at Districts. How did he do? Let’s review:

Day One: High jump – 6-3 PR, 7th place; 110 hurdles trials – 15.17 (third fastest qualifier into finals); Triple Jump – 47-0.75 PR, 2nd place, # 3 Wiss All-Time, sets junior class record, state qualifier.

Day Two: 110 hurdles finals – 15.39,  6th place, Automatic State Qualifier on place; Long Jump – 22-0.5, 3rd place, State Qualifier.

All told, he medaled (top 8) in four events, qualified for states in three, had personal bests in two and set a WIss junior class record (#3WAT) in one.

Talk about MVP!

In other news, Cam Christopher opted for the 400 rather than the 800. He was ranked about even (4th and 5th) in both events going in and felt the 400 would be an easier go. It’s a bit less taxing than the 8 and would give him a longer rest ’till the 4×4. After a PR of 49.03 (#8 WAT) in the 90+ degree heat, cooler temps seemed to slow everyone down in the finals. 49.87 still nabbed him 4th and a trip to Ship.

Mid-season it looked like we had the horses to put a 3:18 4×4 together and contend for the state title, but when Rahsheed Wright (49.07 indoors, 48.4 split) went down 4/15, suddenly we’re back in the pack and ‘on the bubble’. Ranked 7th coming in and not looking too good at leagues, we had to step up. The toughest competition is in the heats (2 heats, top three automatic in each, next two fastest times advance). Most years, you make the final, you make states. That’s how good our district is. Just like at Penn, the question was could the three guys up front keep it close enough to give Cam a shot. They did, as all three were close to their PRs. (Max 51.4, Sam 50.8, Eric 51.9 PR, and Cam brought us in a solid 3rd with a 48.9, 3:22.88). After all that, we were the slowest team into the final. For the final, we had to stay in the mix to run fast enough to get to states. If we finish dead last and under 3:24.03, we still go. Again, I feared the three up front wouldn’t be able to stay close enough so we moved Cam into the #3 slot as insurance, and moved Sam to anchor. It worked out great as Max led off with a PR 50.8, Eric PRed with 51.8 keeping us in contact, Cam was slower than usual (49.9) due to traffic but still put Sam close to the pack. Sam’s 50.6 PR brought it in at 3:23.07. 7th place, we advance on time.

Friday 5/18 (SQS – State Qualifying Standard) 

110HH trials – Johnson 15.17, advances to final

High Jump – Johnson 6-3 PR,  7th place

100M trials – Dunswell 11.60,  28th place

Triple Jump – Johnson 47-0.75 PR SQS 2nd place

4×100 trials – 43.95 (Dunswell, Watson, Kane, Lloyd)    16th place

400 trials- Christopher 49.03 PR advances to final

200M trials – Dunswell scratch

4×400 trials – 3:22.88 advances to final (Davies 51.4, Kane 50.8, Papazian 51.9 PR, Christopher 48.9)

Saturday 5/19

110HH final – Johnson 15.39 – 6th place – SQS on place (top six)

Long Jump – Johnson 22-0.5 – 3rd place SQS

400 final – Christopher 49.89 – 4th place SQS

4×400 final – 3:23.07 7th place SQS (Davies 50.8, Papazian 51.8, Christopher 49.9, Kane 50.6)


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