Wins against Cheltenham 91-59 and Upper Moreland 123-20 takes us closer to another championship season but it won’t be without its challenges. With some major players out with nagging injuries others would have to step up to fill the void. Sam Kane (10.9 PR) and Shamere Dunswell (11.0, 22.6 PR) covered the short sprints while Max Davies (52.0 PR) teamed with Sam (52.1PR) to cover the long one. Cam Christopher carried his share of the load anchoring the 4×8, coasting to an 800 win and chipping in a 50.8 on the 4×4.

Ahmir and Marlyn Johnson, along with Liam Davies, are consistently under 15.5 over the 110’s and a sweep by the vaulters (Pogo 11-6 PR) helped seal the win over an always tough Cheltenham team.

A nice tailwind helped the spear-chuckers to some PRs. Tom Watson (155-4) added 10 feet to his and newcomer Max Salvador tossed it 146-0.

Wissahickon 91 – Cheltenham 59
100M    Sam Kane (W) 10.9, Shamere Dunswell (W) 11.0, Brandon Gregory (C) 11.3
200M    Shamere Dunswell (W) 22.6, Sam Kane (W) 23.2, Brandon Gregory (C) 23.3
400M    Max Davies (W) 52.0, Sam Kane (W) 52.1, Darren Giles (C) 52.2
800M    Cam Christopher (W) 2:01.9,  Isaiah Watts (C) 2:06.0, Asad Grant (C) 2:09.2
1600M    Will Griffen (C) 4:35.9, Jason Cornelison (C) 4:39.6, Ben Hoyer (W) 4:44.4
3200M    Will Griffen (C) 10:15.0, Jason Cornelison (C) 10:18.5, Matt Maiale (W) 10:28.8
110H    Ahmir Johnson (W) 15.2, Marlyn Johnson (W) 15.4, Antonio Mosquera (C) 15.5
300H     Antonio Mosquera (C) 41.4, Marlyn Johnson (W) 41.9, Jordan Collins (C) 47.3
4×100    W 44.6 (Shamere Dunswell, Darnell Watson, Eric Papazian, Antuan Lloyd) C 45.1
4×400    W 3:30.3 (Eric Papazian, Max Davies, Cam Christopher 50.8, Darnell Watson) C 3:34.1
4×800    W 8:27.0 (Justin Ryan, Amed Shamsi, Bryce Miles, Cam Christopher) C 8:33.4
Long Jump  Ahmir Johnson (W) 21-11.5, Kris Marshall (C) 18-4.5, Christian McCarry (W) 17-6
High Jump  Brandon Scott (C) 5-6, Ahmir Johnson (W) 5-4, Kriss Marshall (C) 5-4
Triple Jump  Kriss Marshall (C) 37-11, Ahmed Nixon (C) 34-0, Christian McCarry (W)33-6
Pole Vault  John Pogorzelski (W) 11-6, Kevin Joo (W) 10-6, Noah Kilshaw (W) 10-0
Shot Put  Justin Cooper (W) 44-5, Cameron Carty (C) 41-4, Jean Codio (C) 40-7
Discus    Max Cavallucci (C) 126-1, Justin Cooper (W) 107-0, Cameron Carty (C) 102-4
Javelin  Jean Codio (C) 175-10, Tom Watson (W) 155-4, Max Salvador  (W) 146-0

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