For the last two years, with Cheltenham’s nationally-ranked 4×4 in our own backyard, we’ve been relegated to second place in our American Conference race. With their guys having moved on, and our squad much improved, it was ours to lose with only pesky Upper Dublin standing in our way. Starting in ‘waterfall’ style (no lanes, 13 teams), the lead-off can make or break this race. Getting elbowed, tripped, and spiked is the norm and there will almost NEVER be an interference call. It’s been a bug-a-boo for us the last few years, and unfortunately, this year was no different.

Ethan got elbowed hard twice, almost went down and came up bleeding from the ankle, and was way back in the pack heading into the back-stretch. And, of course, Upper Dublin was in the lead and off to the races. Worst case scenario was unfolding. Ethan’s 52.12 was well off his best as UD’s George Weems came in leading at 50.32. We had work to do. Before the race, we talked about getting in trouble and how it was the next guy’s job to make up for it and Rahsheed did just that. Moving into the second lane, he went from fifth to first with a 49.45PR to Mick Henning’s 51.31, handing Cam a slight lead. (VERY slight as the auto timer showed us up by .007sec). Cam (50.28) couldn’t shake UD’s Vargas (50.39) so it was up to the anchormen. With Darien’s sprint speed superior to McMullin’s I was pretty confident we could pull it out. But when McMullin passed D-Willy at the 200 meter mark, I knew we had it. You only get one move in the 400. Use it too soon and your setting yourself up for a loss. (We’ve done it to ourselves far too often). Darien showed patience, drafted on UD, and with about 130 to go, punched it, passing easily for the win and splitting a PR 49.02, to McMullin’s respectable 49.74. Our 3:20.89 to their 3:21.74.

Here’s top three official places

1 Wissahickon  (Ambler, PA) 3:20.86 Ethan Dolberry-Wescott (52.12), Rahsheed Wright (49.45), Cam Christopher (50.28), Darien Williams (49.02) PD
2 Upper Dublin  (Fort Washington, PA) 3:21.74 George Weems (50.32), Mick Henning (51.31), Brandon Vargas (50.39), Kyle McMullen (49.74) PE
3 William Tennent  (Warminster, PA) 3:25.94 Stephen Testa (50.77), Andrew Duddelston (51.97), Mike Roby (52.16), Matt Kraus (51.06) PH

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